July 2023


Three’s a crowd

Hit them with a feather
BLUE ROBINSON finally tracks down JOHN WINNING – the giant of Australian sailing who does it all while trying his best to go unnoticed

Nailing it – Part I
The media and sporting success of his second Golden Globe Race has brought DON MACINTYRE out of the shadows and shoved him firmly into the light. At last… DAN HOUSTON

More than you think
When serious illness ended DEE SMITH’S big boat racing career he subsequently went looking for another avenue to apply all that knowledge and experience in making boats go fast


The new brain in the background

Flying the flag for Poland

Built without barriers

All the performance with a bit more comfort

Entry level offshore racer

A view to the future

Optimised for peak efficiency


Commodore’s letter


Every foil under the sun, the 5.5 Metres get their skates on, yachting’s greatest contributors and practitioners, GUILLERMO PARADA is soon back in the saddle, flashback to technical Olympic days and a better second time around for CHRIS POOLE and Team Riptide. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON AND CARLOS PICH

World News
There’s a new star in town, SIMON CURWEN… speedy but broken, so close for AMBROGIO BECCARIA, big build little time for Multiplast, hardy New Zealand race hardy New Zealand racers, tweaking the Nacra. Plus the many fine contributions of CHARLEY MORGAN. IVOR WILKINS, MAGNUS WHEATLEY, KIRSTEN NEUSCHAFER, NACHO POSTIGO, YANN PENFORNIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, IAN LIPINSKI

Rob Weiland – Even better!
Time to celebrate a younger and more diverse Super Series fleet… but let it happen naturally

Paul Cayard – Solving the puzzle
So SailGP is well on the way but there are still some pretty key issues that need to be resolved… AKA paid for

ORC – Double trouble
Of penalty clicks and happy clicks. ANDY CLAUGHTON

Seahorse build table – Past perfect
Fair, smooth, uncorrupted design is nothing new

RORC – Open for business

30 years ago

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Jeez, this thing gets hard… but last time around some 3,000 of you thought it worth the effort…