This only happened once, for Francis Joyon, but our little-loved veto has been played again because of escalating concern for the institution of the America’s Cup. De Nora has backed Team New Zealand for years but now there really could be all to play for. The Cup might soon regain more of its precious allure or it may enter another hiatus under what is looking more and more like a cartel. That there even are two possibilities is largely due to the passion of one man without whom this Cup might be a dull story indeed.
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Sailor of the Month CONRAD COLMAN (NZL)
Every Vendée Globe has its unlikely hero – no disrespect, matey. Others have invested heavily in trying to complete the race without fossil fuels but Colman was first to succeed – his mission gaining extra unplanned coverage when he lost his mast with over 700nm to go but plugged on to become this year’s darling of the fans who flocked to Les Sables to greet him. Not quite Yves Parlier, building a mast in the deep south, but a nice confluence of events
Sailor of the month MARTINE GRAEL (BRA)
Home from Rio with the 49erFX gold medal, have shower, give the boat a quick polish then off again on the campaign trail for Tokyo, starting with the Miami World Cup where the latest Grael in a remarkable bloodline took up where she left off, dominating the series with her medal winning crew Kahena Kunze to end the regatta nearly 20pt clear of their nearest rivals. Torben, Lars, Martine… for sure, it’s time to give Brazilian cooking a try

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