‘A fantastic owner and great sailing ambassador’ – Rob Salthouse; ‘An owner fully committed to the sport’ – Russ Bowler; ‘Does all the right things for all the right reasons’ – Josh Belsky; ‘For services to sailing!’ – Josh Leopard; ‘Thank you, Karl!!!’ – Adolfo Carrau; ‘Giving so many young sailors the chance to shine’ – Tony Mutter; ‘Quiet and successful at everything he does’ – Steve Goh; ‘It’s a pleasure to know you, Karl!’ – Andy Wild; ‘A great skipper!’ – Andy Ng; ‘We could not be more proud of him’ – Annie Kwok; ‘He’s done an outstanding job with a very loyal crew’ – Kevin Dibley; ‘I verify that he is a true champion!’ – Matt Cheung.
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Sailor of the Month TONY LAWSON (GBR)
As well as being a prolific offshore racer himself, Lawson has done more than his share of introducing new talent to ocean racing on his boats – including his Class40s and of course his MOD70 trimaran Concise. The most recent example was the loan of his Class40 Concise 8 to a young team in the Round Britain Race, led by skipper Jack Trigger, who went on to finish 2nd in class just six hours behind the immensely experienced Phil Sharp
Sailor of the month STEPH BRIDGE (GBR)
There are genes and there are genes… Five kite racing world titles, two European, former world ranked no1. Then the family: youngest son Red Bull rider Tom (17) has three world youth titles plus a bag of national and European pots. Next Guy (18), two world records, 2nd in the foil worlds, British champion, yadeyah… Old boy Olly (20), European freestyle champion, youth world champion, European titles, ranked no2 in the world. Obviously dad’s no slouch

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