Man, this one took down a few acres of electronic trees. ‘Claudia is our hero... of course’ – Paolo Furchi; ‘Forza Claudia’ – Cristina Tirabassi (and molti others); ‘And she is also the 2016 Champion of Europe!’ – Stephane Bolantin; ‘Claudia is getting faster each summer’ – Giuseppe Molinari; ‘She was also very fast in the 470’ – Gisella Raimondi; ‘Claudia is already beating most of our Italian men!’ – Giacomo Giocanetti; ‘So nearly a perfect regatta!’ – Marta Marinucci; ‘Soon the 2017 world champion!’ – Luca Vicedomini.
Sailor of the Month RICH WILSON (USA)
The best of the best, the competitors in the Vendée Globe. This is the 66-year-old American skipper’s 2nd Vendée, but he is nominated for his brilliant work developing a full schools’ programme that uses his race to educate, not just about the ‘usual’ things, like cleaner oceans, but with a complete school curriculum, all pre-packed for teachers and ready to download and dial-in. A teacher by vocation, Rich is also a Harvard and MIT double graduate... it shows
Sailor of the month RICHARD JENKINS (GBR)
While much of the world waves platitudes about the direction the planet is taking, this is a man, better still a world record-holder in sailing, who is doing something very serious indeed about it. With backing now from the CEO of Google parent, Alphabet, Jenkins’ tireless pursuit of a viable unmanned ocean sailing drone is already delivering reams of fresh and once inaccessible data and all done with the carbon footprint of a mouse

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