July 2024


Two of the best

Here we go!
On balance ROB WEILAND says that for a first event the ‘new’ Admiral’s Cup has it about right

Little changes – Part I
How the USA might have defended the Cup in Newport RI in 1983… TOM BLACKALLER

Using all the tools
BETSY ALISON is one tough cookie, and a fast cookie at that. She talks to her friend, former rival – and crew – CAROL CRONIN following what is perhaps her most impressive success to date…

How to make a boat – Part II
DAVE HOLLOM takes those painstakingly hand-drawn hull lines and shows how we make them float…

No engines no bother
DAN HOUSTON celebrates the long life of the late DON STREET, a man whose work opened up a new industry, saved lives and left us with an unmatched treasure trove of sailing anecdotes


Support is king

Hard to beat the original

Carefully tailored – personal service

Making it look easy


A proper sailor’s sailboat


Commodore’s letter


A first look at those pesky new AC75s, why early movers Alinghi can now relax a little, hanging on in 1961, TERRY HUTCHINSON still has an eye for the Bella. Plus has Emirates Team New Zealand managed to fool everyone? MICHEL HODARA, CARLOS PICH, JACK GRIFFIN

World News
RICHOMME continues the victory roll, Class40 and a single-rudder… maybe not so great, good in parts says HAROLD CUDMORE, nothing to see for a while yet says DAN BERNASCONI, MATT WEARN on getting right back into it, Alinghi’s design team are happy and is COLE BRAUER the start of something much bigger for US sailing? GONZALO REDONDO, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, CHARLIE DALIN, MAGNUS WHEATLEY

Paul Cayard – Crunch time
No one expects USA to top the table of sailing medals at Paris 2024 but after a long drought things are looking up

ORC – Lions and lambs
It’s hard enough rating monohulls and multihulls accurately… How about trying to rate them both together? DOBBS DAVIS

RORC – Seriously?

Seahorse build table – Shed to ship

This might even work

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
A tough new generation