Carbon cathedrals

Founded by designer Gilles Ollier, the Multiplast yard in Vannes has given birth to many of the most famous racing multihulls on the planet, from the Jet Services family to Club Med and Orange II, all the way to Arkéa Ultim Challenge winner Gitana 17. Managing director Yann Penfornis has spent 35 years with Multiplast overseeing its development and diversification. Jocelyn Blériot visited him recently to learn more about this quiet high-achiever (and passionate collector of Napoleon memorabilia…)

Not long after speaking to Yann for this interview I found myself in Vannes, a few steps away from the Multiplast yard, one bleak January weekend. And since he’d told me to ‘come say hi, next time’ I found myself in the area, I duly dropped him a line. ‘I usually spend a couple of hours at the office late afternoon on Saturdays,’ he explained. Time to tidy up some paperwork, take stock and think about the week ahead when no one is around.

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