September 2023


Aloha indeed

End of an era
ROB WEILAND remembers his lifelong friend, mentor and sometime skipper PIET VROON

Gentleman Jim
BLUE ROBINSON in turn revisits the remarkable life of a great Australian yachtsman (and vintner)

Massif (in every way)
The much anticipated new Imoca 60 of CHARLIE DALIN did not disappoint. He explains his methodology to PATRICE CARPENTIER – plus DALIN’s new co-skipper PASCAL BIDEGORRY talks development

A worthy goal
For watchmaker RICHARD MILLE there are only opportunities. And the latest opportunity turned out to be breathtaking. DAN HOUSTON

Stronger and smarter
Composites engineer PAOLO MANGANELLI talks hard and soft high-speed landings with JOCELYN BLERIOT… and how to survive them

Once is too often – Part II
This month RICH DU MOULIN looks at one of the toughest issues of all in a man overboard situation… how to get the casualty back aboard


The best just got better

Smart choice

Good time for a rethink

Getting there

It worked before

Consolidating progress

All calm on the surface

When reputation leads

When upscaling works

Raising the (performance) bar


Commodore’s letter


The big-hitters go at it immediately, welcome to Barcelona (PS some of us have been here a while), those waves in detail, the ‘only’ way to Hawaii yet so few can see it (scared – ed). CAM LEWIS, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON

World News
The new kid’s just a kid, two-handed magic, a Transat at last, bonkers Minis, stand clear please – the Cape 31 invasion, young brilliance in Spain, American Magic win them over. Plus anything but normal… Transpac 2023. CARLOS PICH, BLANCA FERRANDO, CHRIS BOUZAID, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, TONY MUTTER, MAGNUS WHEATLEY

Paul Cayard – the best
The Olympics, The Ocean Race and of life just being pretty darned good

ORC – The cat is out of the bag

Seahorse build table – Reassuringly expensive
That America’s Cup technology is finding all sorts of new applications in all sorts of different places

RORC – Big year

September 1993 – Top of the curve

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Time to give a boost to the Special Relationship