November 2022


Buck bang

Fundamental changes
Where have all the big boats gone? ROB WEILAND

Circus minimus – Part I
With others like BUDDY MELGES, OLAF and PETER HARKEN, PETE BARRETT and the GOUGEON brothers, BILL MATTISON was one of the towering figures at the heart of US iceboat racing. And that was just the start of it… CAROL CRONIN

Building a boat
Last winter GAVIN TAPPENDEN built his first 5.5 Metre. Nine months later it is the 2022 World Champion

Kings of the hill – Part I
Sparkman & Stephens, Madison Avenue New York, Intrepid, Flyer, Courageous… a stream of consciousness that could run for ever. And JULIAN EVERITT was a part of the story…


Sail fast with confidence

A modicum of relief

Driven by real test data

Fresh look

Unstoppable force

How so?

Not long to wait

Race to Hawaii


Built without compromise
One hundred and ten feet of experience. KIERAN FLATT, MALCOLM MCKEON, KIM KOLAM


Commodore’s letter


Sometimes it just doesn’t go your way, Cup teams test the waters of Barcelona. Plus one-designs – the same car but still an old car… DAVE HOLLOM, TERRY HUTCHINSON and JACK GRIFFIN

World News
A life of enthusiasm, the Imoca floodgates open, while philosophies vary markedly, round the world on a donkey boat, now it’s the ladies’ talent factory, beautiful times in Oz. Plus back to ‘The Bay’ at last. JIM DAVERN, KEVIN ESCOFFIER, PAUL MEILHAT, MAGNUS WHEATLEY, DOBBS DAVIS AND IVORWILKINS

Paul Cayard – Spanning generations
No sooner has the 100th Anniversary Worlds ended than it’s inland for the Star class Vintage Gold Cup. The 1988 world champion enjoys an emotional ramble through class history

ORC – A little offshore?
An offshore world championship that very rarely goes out of sight of land… enough already. DOBBS DAVIS

RORC – Fairytale ending

T-minus 30
Lessons from a tragedy. DAVE SCULLY

Seahorse build table – Changing face
Something a bit special for one’s fearless leader? SHAUN CARKEEK

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Fast, furious, tough, enduring… it’s all here