Circus minimus – much
adventure, little drama – Part I

In all my years of writing profiles I’ve always wanted to include the sentence: ‘As a kid he ran away to the circus.’ Now, thanks to the honour of writing this tribute to Bill Mattison, who died on 25 April at 93, I can do just that… without stretching the truth even a tiny bit – Carol Cronin

After hearing so much about Bill Mattison’s amazing ability to ‘engineer and build anything’ I would have loved to have met him. And since he never just sat around maybe I could have watched those big meaty hands working away at one of his many skills. Scarfing a damaged iceboat plank. Repairing a carbon mast. Welding up a replacement piece for a photo developing machine. Or decorating a tiny wagon wheel for the model circus he started as a kid and continued to add to for the rest of his very full life. How could one man achieve so much success in so many different mediums, on so many different scales, from larger-than-life America’s Cup boats down to half-inch-tothe- foot scale models?

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