May 2018


Keep your head down

Getting organised
Range of boat type nuts… future plans secure ANDREW MCIRVINE

Counting blessings
Plenty to smile about… ROB WEILAND

The opening night of the Caribbean 600 did not go entirely according to plan for the team on the mighty Fujin. PAUL BIEKER and JONATHAN MCKEE

Master designer – Part I
Surely you didn’t think we’d rush this one… JOHN ROUSMANIERE

Easier than ever?
Almost certainly not… argues BRIAN HANCOCK

Never a dull moment
CARLOS PICH sits down with our favourite maverick designer JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN

Happy birthday
SAM DAVIES is no longer casting around to find backing for her third Vendée Globe programme


Giving up the weave

Twenty years and counting

Foils first

Don’t mess me around


A high bar?


Commodore’s letter


The lady doth protest too much, a different kind of Cup ‘challenge’, painful lessons to learn and how to keep your chin up in Miami. Plus ‘those’ scows. BLUE ROBINSON, JACK GRIFFIN, CHARLIE ENRIGHT, MALCOLM PAGE, CAROL CRONIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
Imoca never sleeps, not even in Monaco… and Vendée 2020 is go, a (very) special kind of Kiwi, foil debate or head-burying… and confronting the issue. PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS

Paul Cayard – True champion
Sir Durward Knowles – his boat’s in good hands

IRC – Tangy prospect
Scrabbling around to find the right ‘big boat’ to race… JAMES DADD has an interesting proposal

Design – Clever stuff going on
Everyone’s foiling… well, not at all actually. But virtually everyone who is foiling today is relying on the same basic mechanics – which PHIL SMITH and JOHN ILETT argue are now well past their use-by date

RORC news
For some it was simply too much of a good thing EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – At it again
JO RICHARDS and GUY WHITEHOUSE can be relied upon to think up ‘interesting’ solutions

Sailor of the Month
Love sailing, love racing, it’s all the same really