Clever stuff going on

Working closely with foiler Moth pioneer John Ilett Australian sail designer Phil Smith has been investing a lot of time and energy into a better – and safer – flight control system that offers longterm advantages for every type of sailboat that is moving away from dependence upon Archimedean principles…

The Bugs Cam
Up until now the near-universal method of flap control for the main foil on Moths (and other T-foil boats) has been via a form of lever or other attachment to the wand that scribes an arc to deliver an initial control movement through the control rod to the flap.

As the boat rises the wand drops and swings forward taking the control rod with it, in turn reducing the flap angle on the main foil so eventually lift is reduced and the boat stops rising when lift pressure equalises with the weight it has to carry (we call that ride height).

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