March 2024


Nice thought

More than an event
Admiral’s Cup 2025 and there is more at stake than winning more trophies. ROB WEILAND

A Mirror on the Cuckmere
DAN HOUSTON takes us back to the beginning and a little dinghy that has lured more people into the sport than anything else we can think of

Once is too often – Part IV
RICH DU MOULIN of the Storm Trysail Club moves on to the even greater challenges of executing a successful man overboard recovery from a typically fast-moving multihull

Only the fittest will survive
It is not only in the UK that traditional sailing clubs are struggling to survive. But the problems there are already painfully visible… making it a good place to start. MAGNUS WHEATLEY

For too long we have been talking freely about ‘UFO’ strikes at sea but the truth is very different. RENAUD BANULS AND AURIANE VIRGILI

More tales from the America’s Cup
It’s the end of the 12 Metre era but the America’s Cup has yet to become the largely charisma-free sporting space we have today. DAVE HOLLOM


Life forward of the beam

No time to relax (… but still one heck of a finale!)

User guide

Britannia refined


Commodore’s letter


How to sail an Ultim (alone), back to Barcelona for keeps. Plus can we go racing soon please!!! YVES LE BLÉVEC, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER

World News
Biggest boats, biggest race (biggest cojones – ed)… but JOYON’S mark looks safe for now. Custom boatbuilding back on the menu in New Zealand, tougher for some en route to Hobart and the US Olympic sailing dilemma (and war!) continues. GREG ELLIOTT, IAIN MURRAY, CHARLES CAUDRELIER, FRANCK CAMMAS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, TOM LAPERCHE, ARMEL LE CLÉAC’H, IVOR WILKINS, CARLOS PICH, DOBBS DAVIS AND BLUE ROBINSON

ORC – For our next trick
Weather Routing Scoring… relax, it looks considerably better than it sounds! ANDY CLAUGHTON AND STAN HONEY

Paul Cayard – A common language
A nice project that’s winning in two places at once

Seahorse build table – Nice timing
This one is going to shake up the IRC landscape

RORC – Champion!

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Seahorse regatta calendar

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