Once is too often – Part IV

Richard du Moulin from the Storm Trysail Club turns from monohulls to the even greater challenge of recovering an MOB lost overboard from a multihull

The MOB discussions in the August, September and October issues of Seahorse all focused on monohulls in offshore situations. Before leaping into the complex (as we found out) world of multihulls, let’s summarise key findings for monohulls:

  • Don’t fall overboard! Practise safe habits and use a tether as necessary (refer to RORC and Storm Trysail Club recommendations).
  • Always wear a PFD. If you go overboard this buys you time while the yacht returns for your rescue.
  • Make an MOB Plan appropriate to your boat, sailing conditions and crew. Equip your boat with effective MOB equipment. Practise on your own boat with your own crew. As the US Marines say: ‘Train the way you fight; fight the way you train.’ As we tested MOB recoveries at our Storm Trysail seminars and aboard our own boats, effective recovery techniques were dictated by two main factors:
  • Full crew versus short-handed (2 to 4 crew, less the MOB).
  • Conventional cruiser-racers versus ‘high-octane’ speedsters.

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