March 2022


After the storm

Man and machine
Going higher and faster will make the right balance harder to find. ROB WEILAND

Hard chines and unasked questions
CAROL CRONIN discovers that there is a great deal more to triple Olympic medallist MARK REYNOLDS than at first meets the eye

Much to report upon
A family affair… as three-time TJV winner ANTOINE CARPENTIER talks to his uncle about the pace of development in the Class40

It’s the people (stupid)
Having filled the top six places at the last Moth Worlds it’s fair to call PAUL BIEKER’s first Moth design a success. But he did not get there alone

Totally bonkers
GIULIANO LUZZATTO sits down with ROBERTO LACORTE, project manager MICKY COSTA and sail designer ALESSIO RAZETO as he tries to ‘come to terms’ with LACORTE’s new flying 60ft coastal racer that is now nearing completion at King Marine


A formidable heritage

21st Century solution

Transquadra speziale

Leaving the world behind

Challenging… and scenic


Commodore’s letter


Don Corleone, Thomas Moy and the America’s Cup… so how come we never thought of that, BURLING and TUKE put down their weapons, Germany rising and an international boost for the Vendée Globe, all change but no change at SailGP. JACK GRIFFIN, BLUE ROBINSON, NATHAN OUTTERIDGE and JORG RIECHERS

World news
It’s onto the Generation 2 scows with SAM MANUARD and DAVID RAISON… but foils are a dead-end, a green Class40, a packed Rhum, LUKE BERRY gets his prize, FINOT-CONQ are back in the game, Kiwi bitch-fest continues, a bumpy ride down to Hobart and JOE HARRIS is officially our latest Captain Persistent. CARLOS PICH, PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS

ORC – No broke no fix
Fingers crossed, it all seems to be going rather well! ANDY CLAUGHTON

Super Series – All in the planning
VICTOR MARINO and ANDI ROBERTSON are hoping for a more ‘boring’ predictable season

RORC – A record start
Well underway (already). JEREMY WILTON

Seahorse build table – No limits
This one will go the distance. PAOLO DINERO

Seahorse regatta calendar

SUPERYACHTS – Beyond semi-custom
Southern Wind raise the bar while keeping costs sane – elegant solution and immaculate execution

Sailor of the Month
Two very different rivals on and across the oceans