... or just flying high but with an Italian heart! Aside from a small handful of occasional tweets from designer Mark Mills the final assembly of the most outrageous coastal racer of its generation has largely remained beneath the radar... But that will very soon change. Giuliano Luzzatto talks to the new FlyingNikka’s admirable Italian owner Roberto Lacorte

The meeting is on Google Meet at 7.30pm. Despite the long day at the yard where the boat is under construction, the owner of the 60-foot FlyingNikka Roberto Lacorte smiles on the other side of the monitor and begins to update us about the most innovative and radical Mini-Maxi ever launched, that we will soon see out on – and above – the water. Of course the boat’s Irish-based designer Mark Mills has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Lacorte, having designed his previous Mini Maxi SuperNikka, four-time class winner at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. Even so, the faith that the Italian owner has shown in his designer’s ability to tackle something so radically different is something exceptional.

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