July 2022


Such promise

Less is more?
Not always, says ROB WEILAND. We are all surely delighted with the growth of two-handed sailing but it does come at a cost as opportunities for less experienced sailors inevitably contract

Neanderthal in a carbon cave
Tour Voiles winner, TJV winner, Barcelona World Race winner, yet never quite the Vendée Globe. But there is plenty else to be proud of. OYVIND BØRDAL meets the hyperactive JEAN-PIERRE DICK

Master craftsman
FEDERICO NARDI and his four other co-owners at the Cantiere Navale dell’Argentario could never have imagined how a single challenging 12 Metre restoration would give birth to an entire new industry. GIULIANO LUZZATTO

For somebody who keeps himself below the radar designer DAVE HOLLOM has been racking up some big titles. His new 5.5 Metre also just went straight to the top of the charts at Lake Garda


Tailored solution

Time is money

We’ve got it covered

Best for your yacht, better for the environment

Making the exceptional standard

Starting from the top


The same but different
Why Sørvind – the fifth Southern Wind 105 off the stocks – is exactly that. KIERAN FLATT


Commodore’s letter


Remembering HERVE DEVAUX… without whom a lot of us would still be going a lot slower, Alinghi starts to shop, SLINGERS goes alongside GOODISON as American Magic goes all-in, and Barcelona starts to buzz… already. GUILLAUME VERDIER, JACK GRIFFIN, DAMIA CALVET, TERRY HUTCHINSON, CARLOS PICH, PAUL BIEKER AND VINCENT LAURIOT PREVOST

World News
CARL RYVES is the real deal, PAUL MEILHAT gets his 60, Class 30… the talking’s over, back at it (and eating). And remember who pays the bills. GERY TRENTESAUX, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, JO ALEH, GAVIN BRADY, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard – Out of the drought
At the end of the tunnel a light appears…

ORC – Head for the sun
It took them a while to work it out

RORC – Words into action
It’s working pretty well for them… maybe it can do the same for you? RAY CAMPION

Seahorse build table – First of many?
Ladies and gentlemen (provocative…), we bring you the IRC scow. ANTOINE MAINFRAY

Forty years ago – a proper baddie

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
A magnificent match racer and a magnificent two fingers to a repulsive international bully