December 2019


Just plain wet

Thinking big
… but it’s still about working with what you have. ROB WEILAND

Missed opportunity
When World Sailing gathered in Bermuda in November it looked as if many of those prayers were about to be answered… IAN WALKER

Kiwi rocket
JULIAN EVERITT looks back at one yacht designer’s career that though turbulent was never going to be a flash in the pan: BRUCE FARR

Designed to last
IAIN MCALLISTER is a JOHN G ALDEN customer, aficionado, expert… and enthusiast

Making sense of it
ANDY CLAUGHTON suggests there is a hint of paradox about the AC75 America’s Cup class

The end of the adventure
Racing around the world today is not even the same sport as it was when the cockamamie idea first began to take hold. BRIAN HANCOCK


Foiling for (almost) all

What they’re made of

Thrillingly close

View from the top

Reasons to race

Back to grassroots

Offshore odyssey

Yachting showcase


Commodore’s letter


Busier than you think, but a huge amount to go, Mule to Defiant, a (pleasingly) smooth transition, speaking to le homme himself, keeping the Hobart fleet safe and JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN’s little rocket really starts to rumble. Plus GUILLAUME VERDIER’s secret green weapon. ROB KOTHE, DAVE KELLET, TERRY HUTCHINSON, JACK GRIFFIN, DAVID RAISON, AXEL CAPRON

World news
The VERDIER/VPLP battle, Charal blink, but the Figaro stars shine everywhere, a RAISON walkover, ENRIGHT and BIDEGORRY’s promising start, CHRIS DICKSON uncovers a new calling, ALEX PELLA – a ‘secret’ talent, irrepressible NOCK. Plus the USA ‘discovers’ shorthanded racing. CARLOS PICH, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ALEX PELLA, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS, ALEX THOMSON

Paul Cayard – Right again
Young and dumb vs old and smart

IRC – Behave
On the whole you guys are pretty good but now and again teacher just has to get firm with you. JASON SMITHWICK

RORC news – Making an impact
The arrival of the Melges IC37 is creating ripples far beyond what was expected. Good ripples, too. EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse build table – No limit
But why has everyone been sleepwalking around the blindingly obvious? JULIETTE BEAUFORT

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
You asked about great contributors to the sport