December 2022


Human content

Taken for granted?
The inverse relationship between the growth of premier regattas and the supply of skilful and experienced race officials. ROB WEILAND

Circus minimus – Part II
CAROL CRONIN talks to a different set of BILL MATTISON’s contemporaries… delving into the part he played in campaigning for, and eventually winning, the America’s Cup alongside friend and fellow Wisconsin iceboat hero BUDDY MELGES

Phoenix from the ashes
2012 Imoca Acciona was an interesting boat with its emphasis on fossil-free operation. Ten years after being abandoned it is back… in a different guise. JENS KUPHAL, FERNANDO SENA, JONATHAN EVANS

(Very) steady as she goes
PATRICE CARPENTIER sits down with some of the far from mainstream aficionados who are (or were!) competing in the 2022 Golden Globe Race

Crème de la crème
FRANÇOIS CHEVALIER dives into the designs of the three fastest ocean racing yachts ever seen


The human factor

Parent power

Always totally custom made

Winning out the box


What kept you all?

Mighty congratulations



Commodore’s letter


At last some toys to play with, how good does it feel being out there again, and it’s all gone razzle dazzle in Cagliari. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, GIULIANO LUZZATO

World News
Way more than a yacht race, routeing to the final centimetre, a scow armada, too damp for a desert, OK surprise, looking for the reefs… and then avoiding them. Plus the (US) kids are alright. YANN PENFORNIS, WILL OXLEY, FRANÇOIS GABART, DAN BERNASCONI, CHARLIE CUMBLEY, MAGNUS WHEATLEY, DOBBS DAVIS, IVORWILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON

Rod Davis – Staying ahead
With the University of Team New Zealand closed for business back home where is the next Kiwi generation going to come from?

IRC – Fewer mouths to feed
Water-ballasted open class and shorthanded designs we know about, now interest is growing in a different approach. JASON SMITHWICK

TP52 Super Series
No rush to change horses just yet and a new team in town. ANDI ROBERTSON

IMA – Finish with a flourish
2022 has been a good year to be racing Maxis, very good in fact… ANDREW MCIRVINE

RORC – Sharing the love

Back to the future?

T-minus 30
Lessons from a tragedy. DAVE SCULLY

Seahorse build table – One for the pandas

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Fast, furious, tough, enduring… it’s all here