December 2016


Forever young
It’s not easy to break into the grand prix circuit – and that’s bad for everyone. ROB WEILAND

Do they (still) make them like this?
PATRICE CARPENTIER looks back at the first Vendée Globe and an extraordinary rescue at sea

End of an era
The passing of JIM KILROY severs another link with a remarkable time for yacht racing. DOBBS DAVIS and BARRY PICKTHALL

Securing the future
BLUE ROBINSON talks reliability – and communication – with Volvo Race Boatyard manager NICK BICE

Now that’s trickledown
RICHARD JENKINS has travelled from a quirky sailing project to a world land speed record and now on to Norton Sound in Alaska...

(Almost) a fresh start
GAUTIER SERGENT talks round the world speed, weight and reliability with DOBBS DAVIS

Pure energy...
Something that Slovenian Mini 6.50 veteran and boatbuilder ANDRAZ MIHELIN has in spades. He talks boatspeed with ØYVIND BORDAL


Relentless innovation
UBI Maior Italia not only come up with clever new stuff, they are also not shy of leaning on the best lessons from the past to do it

(Max) speed for all
Trickledown can require serious smarts – and investment – if it is to be relevant. The development of North 3Di Race took both

All pulling together
No need to be self-obsessed when cold and damp on the rail… become an active member of your boat’s data acquisition and management group

Better testing better products
If you can meet the technical clothing needs of a string of Rio 2016 medallists you can probably work wonders offshore as well

Sleek as ever
Umberto Felci’s new 58-foot addition to the Grand Soleil performance range has something of the Mini Maxi about it…

Why some of the most sophisticated fibres in the best racing cordage can be vulnerable to fatigue just as much as abrasion


Commodore’s letter


Two-boat, one boat, it’s all about to kick off, Denmark’s strangest secret, big changes (for the better) in the Volvo and time to look behind you... JACK GRIFFIN, JOCHEN RIEKERS, JONNO TURNER and TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
They’re ready to roll in South Brittany, it’s a maybe for Spindrift, 100-footers popping out everywhere, DALTS and ASHBY make up for lost time (and cash), SANTIAGO LANGE is still enjoying the moment (but may go again!), TERRY KOHLER’S fine legacy... plus ‘we’re tacking too’. IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, CARLOS PICH

Rod Davis
Just shake your head and softly whisper ‘WTF’

World Sailing
And we have some new rules... JON NAPIER

ORC column – (at last) a proper scandal

Design – Creation and Prediction
BILL TRIPP expounds on the modern rationale

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – Intense
Similar but different. FINOT-CONQ and ROB HUMPHREYS add two more candidates for the growing market for modern mid-size designs/p>

RORC news
And it’s sunny, breezy Marseille for the latest IRC championship. EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Sailor of the Month
JB’s a winner (again) and we give you a chance to help remedy a bit of institutional oversight...