September 2021


Sailing with Tom Olsen, Doyle won the Star Worlds back in 1999 and he has clearly not lost the knack, winning this year’s midwinters in Miami with a scoreline of 2,1,1,1,1,1,1,8 racing now with Payson Infelise. To put some context to this achievement, the next places were filled by Augie Diaz, Paul Cayard and John McCausland, all of them also previous Star World Champions. Doyle’s final tally of 8pt put him 17pt ahead of 2nd-place Miami specialist Diaz
 Why they won
‘Eric is the Honey Badger of Star Sailing!!! A force to be reckoned with! And an all-around great guy. Proud to race against him and call him a friend’ – Marnie Jenkins; ‘He’s been on the water as a competitor, coach, or sage if you will, for most of his life. I also know he has been steering those sail designers in the right direction for years! So I say good on you, Eric’ – Johnny River; ‘He just works extremely hard at his craft… so he deserves to win as often as he does!’ – Alex Curtis.