September 2015


All that this two-time Olympic medallist ever asked for to burnish his round-the-world credentials was a boat that was ‘no slower’ than his rivals. That was certainly not the case the last time around and his previous – race debut – experience was even worse. This time however Walker got the level playing field he wanted and promptly delivered on his own expectations. At times Dongfeng threatened, but Walker the tactician kept control
 Why they won
‘For keeping us entertained with his head rubbing for 9 months’ – Maria Perkins; ‘A huge job that paid off… finally!’ – Piret Salmistu; ‘Total commitment and endless determination to succeed in winning this race’ – Tim Robinson; ‘The crown on an already impressive career’ – Rob Weiland; ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’ – Charles Darbyshire; ‘For Ian this has been a long time coming’ – Matt Sole; ‘Man, did he work hard for this (and a top bloke)’ – Blue Robinson; ‘There is only one winner here’ – Chris Mason.