October 2022


There were a lot of smiles among the Finn fleets of the world when the big man won this year’s Grand Grand Masters world title to add to back-to-back UK Masters titles. Greenwood has been a lifelong Finn enthusiast with more ‘stories’ to tell than most. He has also successfully dipped in and out of the Star Class with many of his contemporaries and continues with his regular Finn training – along with a lot of time spent encouraging younger newcomers to the sport in the UK
 Why they won
‘John has been a Finn class legend for over 30 years’ – Lawrence Crispin (Laser World Champion); ‘An exceptional supporter of young sailors’ – Tim Saunders; ‘Kia kaha, John, a true Finn class hero’ – Debbie Howarth; ‘Bravo, John!’ – Rafa Trujillo; ‘Can’t dance or sing but handy in a Finn’ – Simon Fry; ‘Always a story to listen to!’ – Charlie Cumley; ‘Big hugs’ – Spud Howarth; ‘Super-generous with all of those youngsters’ – Sandra Verity.