October 2018


Victory at the offshore worlds in The Hague was one of numerous successes for one of the most enthusiastic yacht racers on the planet. Kwok has supported many sailors through their careers and he has also been quick to back a new designer he feels worthy of support. Many established names in the yacht racing industry owe this quiet Hong Kong businessman a great deal. And straight after winning the worlds he rushed to Palma to win IRC1 at Copa del Rey. Irrepressible
 Why they won
‘A fantastic owner and great sailing ambassador’ – Rob Salthouse; ‘An owner fully committed to the sport’ – Russ Bowler; ‘Does all the right things for all the right reasons’ – Josh Belsky; ‘For services to sailing!’ – Josh Leopard; ‘Thank you, Karl!!!’ – Adolfo Carrau; ‘Giving so many young sailors the chance to shine’ – Tony Mutter; ‘Quiet and successful at everything he does’ – Steve Goh; ‘It’s a pleasure to know you, Karl!’ – Andy Wild; ‘A great skipper!’ – Andy Ng; ‘We could not be more proud of him’ – Annie Kwok; ‘He’s done an outstanding job with a very loyal crew’ – Kevin Dibley; ‘I verify that he is a true champion!’ – Matt Cheung.