October 2015


In the end Enright’s young and relatively inexperienced Volvo team won two In Port races and then took the prestigious final offshore leg into Gothenburg. Before the race few expected much of this enthusiastic but largely unknown campaign and yet in the final analysis Alvimedica finished tied with the hugely experienced Spanish Mapfre entry and only one point adrift of mid-race superstars Dongfeng
 Why they won
‘Perfect role model for our young sailors, thanks, buddy’ – Larry Kennedy; ‘Incredible work rate and from a very talented sailor’ – Ryan Scott; ‘Wonderful sailor, true gentleman’ – Sue Maloney; ‘Inspirational’ – Oliver Moore; ‘Young talent becomes great professional’ – Joey Mello; ‘Not only did Charlie take a dream and drive it into reality, he took on the holy grail of sailing with a very young team and won the final leg. Now he’s perfectly positioned to launch a follow-up campaign for 2017-2018’ – Andrea Watson.