November 2019


Finn Olympian, twice Etchells world champion, and now, having put similar effort into a new role one of the world’s best and most sought after professional race officers. (He also won the 2-handed class in the 2015 Fastnet by 14 seconds). And now: ‘Today is a special day for me. I will be going to the Tokyo Olympics as a race officer. It has been a long and steady journey for me and I am extremely thankful to everyone for all the support’
 Why they won
‘Modern communicator, always gives us the maximum racing, happy customer’ – Karl Jacob; ‘Bloody good race officer’ – Nick Cherry; ‘Poacher turned gamekeeper and a very good one too’ – Campbell Field; ‘Great person, top sailor and the best PRO’ – Jesús Renedo; ’Superb competitor and a team-mate for many years’ – Sam Richmond; ‘A great sailor and maybe an even better race officer’ – Niklas Zennstrøm; ‘Good to see such a good sailor change sides...’ Jonathan Harley; ‘A champion sailor and a great PRO who aims to see things from the competitor’s viewpoint’ – Jonty Sherwill; ‘Brilliant’ – Louise Morton.