May 2022


Where to begin. We are still receiving nominations ranging from the entire Ukrainian sailing community to their 2020 Olympic Team. Others have been more personal which makes the task of choosing harder still. But Rodion Luka has accomplished great things in both the sport and the industry, creating some brilliant boats, winning an Olympic medal… and often being found at the centre of the best parties at popular regattas. So spirit and great achievement
 Why they won
‘When you find innovation and initiative, supported by tireless persistence, you'll often find Rodion’ – Stan Honey; ‘In this difficult time Rodion Luka is still pushing his L30 class as a Ukrainian achievement in sailing. We stand for Ukraine’ – Vladimir Kulinichenko; ‘Don't forget Rodion’s beast crew’ – George Leonchuk! Those boys represent the spirit of Ukraine’ – Trevor Patekh; ‘I prefer not to say’ – Diana Amirhanyan!?!