2006 MAY

John Dane & Austin Sperry (USA)

Keeping it in the family was exactly what this 55-year-old (sic) former Soling World Champion was doing when he partnered his son-in-law and previous North American championship-winning crew Austin Sperry at the 2006 Bacardi Cup in Miami. The family duo swept the board to top a tough 90-boat fleet, finishing six points clear of Germany’s Marc Pickel and Ingo Borkowski
Why they won
By a ratio of 70 per cent to 30 the votes for the ‘new’ country overcame those for the old as sailing recognised the achievement of 55-year-old John Dane and his son-in-law in overcoming a fiercely strong field to take this year’s Bacardi Cup in the Star class in Miami. And some were pretty firm in their opinions: ‘How can you not vote for the first Master to win a 100-boat Bacardi Cup, the TP52 “global” championship was less than 10 boats... give me a break’ – Guy Briere.

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