March 2016


One of the unsung heroes of the US scene... As many other big regattas struggle, both in the US and elsewhere, Draftz has worked away tackling the issue from the ground up, rather than the other way around. All of this effort has been focussed on developing Sperry Charleston Race Week, which has very quietly now grown into perhaps the biggest and most successful event of its kind
 Why they won
‘For his tireless work to promote good sailboat racing Randy fully deserves this honour’ – Jay Hansen; ‘What Randy does to promote sailing for the young and old affects thousands every year’ – Syd Shuler; ‘He has grown Charleston Race Week from nothing’ – Ray Groble; ‘40 years as a great ambassador of the sport’ – Earl Lyden; ‘His regatta is the best!’ – Louisa Fleming; ‘He sets a great example of how a regatta should be run!’ – Kirk Weichsel; ‘Watching his regatta explode has inspired sailing in this area’ – Logan Bonner.