June 2019


Not for building the mighty Comanche with his boatbuilding partner Tim Hacket, nor for all the other fast machines he has put on the water over the years, this nomination is for leading the team that took a McConaghy 38 one design and pared it back to just the hull shell before then rebuilding it as a half-scale working AC75 with all the systems operating and the boat up and foiling reliably within days of first getting wet. Go, the American Magic!
 Why they won
‘I’m glad he’s on our team and not on anyone else’s’ – Jim Turner; ‘These guys have built the fastest monohull in the world, give the builders some credit!’ – Johnny Hallyday; ‘Great job, go Brandon!’ – Adolfo Carrau; ‘That grumpiest of cats can build a mean boat’ – Todd Thomas; ‘His boatbuilding skills are exceeded only by his charming personality’ – Sherri Caraccia (are we on a mission!!!); ‘He’s always there quietly contributing success to many of the top projects’ – Jon Williams; ‘I wouldn’t want to build a boat with anyone else, his attention to details and knowledge of composites is genuinely second to none’ – Tim Hackett.