July 2015


Without wishing to be crude, commissioning a pretty comfortable 40ft cruiser-racer that is designed to foil took some cojones. But that self-belief was not misplaced and the first Gunboat G4 is out there and flying high. Anyone who had become too used to the pace of the non-foiling Gunboat range will have been rudely reminded of what a step forward those original designs also represented. More bravery needed.
 Why they won
‘Cojones to build the G4? Brass cojones!’ – Greg Tawaststjerna; ‘Pushing the envelope is all part of the deal’ – Kathy Turner; ‘One giant leap forward for the entire industry’ – Kash Okahkonen; ‘Johnstone rocks’ – Steve Harrison; ‘He walks the walk and the locals in Wanchese love him’ – Charles Parker; ‘What Peter has accomplished is nothing short of spectacular, both the yard and the boat’ – Augie Diaz; ‘A foiling cruising boat, way to go, Peter’ – Erwin Koridon; ‘We need more people like this’ – Ehrhardt Mads.