February 2019


Talk about the man of the moment. Zarif has a long history of success in the Finn class including winning the Gold Cup aged 20 while holding the Junior Silver Cup (still the only person ever to do so). Then in 2018 he paid the Star class some attention, winning the worlds and, perhaps even more impressive, seeing off the most star-studded fleet ever to win the Star Sailors League and become the closest thing to sailing’s International Champion of Champions
 Why they won
Jorge has friends, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them! ‘Very nice!’ – Maria Gilka da Cunha Ferreira!!! ‘He follows a great father who we still miss’ – Erika Lessmann; ‘Jorginho this year made magic’ – Juliano Rosas; ‘A great sailor from a sailor’s family’ – Theodoro Rombauer; ‘He is a champion on the water as well as in life’ – Alex Luiz; ‘He helped me to enjoy sailing again’ – Patrick Oberholzer; ‘A showcase talent’ – Wietze Zetzema; ‘Jorge is today the best sailor in the world’ – Angela Brun; ‘A great sailor like his father and his grandfather’ – Raymond Grantham; ‘I take my hat off a million times!’ – Bernardo Okada Ahmed.