February 2015


The performance of the Chinese Volvo entry Dongfeng in harrying Leg 1 winner Abu Dhabi Racing all the way into Cape Town was impressive on any number of levels. However what we are tipping our hats to is the brilliantly positive way in which Caudrelier took on the task of moulding a multinational team of patchy experience, shaping them into such a formidable squad. And are the best times yet to come?
 Why they won
‘A magnificent start…’ – Bruno Dubois; ‘Great job’ – Sam Goodchild; ‘See you in Abu Dhabi!’ – Iker Martínez; ‘Skipper and mentor… one in the eye for the naysayers’ – Alistair Skinner; ‘Tough choice for a Frenchman!’ – Christian Granger; ‘For sure Loïck Peyron is an alien… but Charles’s task is so demanding that nobody really expected to see Dongfeng with the leaders so early in the race’ – François Seguin; ‘Fantastic guy… grounded and a living example of the new-generation VOR racer’ – Eero Lehtinen.