Samuel (shark) Kahn (USA)

14 years old and already a senior class world champion, Shark Kahn put in the legwork and pushed multiple champion Harry Melges down into the runner-up spot at this year's well-attended Melges 24 Worlds in San Francisco. Top crew and professionally prepared boat perhaps, but so had plenty of the opposition. Kahn did it the old-fashioned way, practice practice practice. Now he is turning his attention to the 505 and maybe the 4ger classes. Time is certainly on his side
Why they won
74% of you voted for the youngest ever winner of a senior ISAF title. 'All the top guys have resources, this kid fell in love with our sport and delivered to-die-for results!' – Kimberly Birkenfeld. 'The kid is just 14 years old!' - Andria Scanlan. 'Who was out practising in San Francisco Bay through the Moet Cup while most were enjoying the party?' - Tim Dick.

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