December 2019


After many years of supporting the TP52 Super Series and steadily improving each year, something wild happened just before Takashi Okura’s TP52 team arrived in Sardinia for the last round of 2019. Sled opened with a win and then three more good races. And then... and then they opened the taps and reeled off five wins in a row – never seen before in this fleet
 Why they won
‘My father!’ – Riko Okura; ‘A super-nice guy, excellent helmsman and a top team’ – Will Ryan; ‘Mr Okura works very hard to push the sailing team to such great results’ – Barny Henshaw; ‘Nice and smooth does it’ – Ryan Godfrey; ‘Well done, Mr Okura!’ – Robbie Naismith; ‘One of the nicest and most gifted sailors I have had the fortune to race with’ – Ray Davies; ‘Awesome to work with such a good owner and tight team’ – Tammo Baldszun; ‘Five wins in a row, enough said’ – Brendan Simons; ‘It is great to see it all come together for an owner and his team, especially when you’ve seen the hard work leading up to it’ – Rob Weiland.