August 2015


Another success in this Volvo race was the event’s first visit to Newport RI. Just as the AC45s demonstrated a couple of years ago, chase electronic media all you want but for impact nothing comes close to thousands of bums on seats; and with a deep sailing history Newport’s knowledgeable crowd was always the one to deliver. Brad Read was the key driver of this brilliant visit by the race, from initial bid to final delivery. Very nice job, sir
 Why they won
‘Believe me, I hate to give my little brother credit for anything, but he hit it out the park with this one and also won the longterm support of the Rhode Island government for sailing’ – Kenny Read; ‘A good stop needs a village, but a village needs a leader’ – Charlie Dana; ‘And Brad also helps so many kids into sailing’ – George Bekris; ‘Definitely the best stopover of modern times’ – Daniel Forster; ‘131,000 people at a sailing event. In the USA. That is some result…’ – Gunther Buerman. ‘Flawless job’ – Mick Harvey.