April 2019


‘I’m over the moon…’ not surprising after the Olympic gold medallist super-coach won the Masters division at the OK Worlds –much more impressively finishing ninth overall in the 110-boat open fleet. Putting it out there like that is not something every former Cup sailor chooses to do – one or two have come unstuck in the not so distant past. Rod was also happy to be able to follow his own methods as recorded in these pages and see for himself that it works!
 Why they won
‘His innovations in the OK have taken the boat to a new level’ – Brett Daniel; ‘He’s not getting paid for this, he just loves sailing… pro sailors take note’ – Dan Slater; ‘Plenty of runway left, Rod’ – David Ross; ‘It’s the help he gives us off the water that’s almost more impressive. In Rod we trust!’ – Matt Butterfield; ‘I’ve gotta support a fellow scribe’ – Blue Robinson; ‘Rod Davis, there is no substitute!’ – Michele Henderson; ‘Every evening he’d switch from competitor to coach to help all of us… and with the BBQ’ – Simon Probert; ‘One of the best sailors on the planet, period’ – Robin Morgan; ‘He just sailed superbly’ – Tony Bierre.