April 2009

Magnus Olsson (SWE)

‘Thanks for waking me up, what an honour to be part of this exciting morning watch!’ – a beaming Magnus greets Eero Lehtinen at 0200, May 1990, The Card, mid-Atlantic, gale force winds and freezing fog. So many people have nominated Mag so many times, and now he has finally got his captain’s hat for leg 4 of the Volvo onboard Ericsson 3! A hell of a way to celebrate your 60th birthday. Go, Mange, go!!
 Why they won
‘Hello, Qingdao, and farewell again!!!’, Olsson (above) snatches the briefest of photo opps in China before stepping back onto Ericsson 3 and setting off for the Southern Ocean. ‘Godspeed, old man…’ – Rodney Ardern (from a safe distance); ‘Simply the best’ – Gerhard Carlson; ‘Behind every great man there is a woman and behind every great skipper… Magnus!’ – Mads Ehrhardt; ‘At last!’ Jyri Varhe; ‘The most positive sailor on the planet’ – Johan Tuvstedt; ‘He just keeps on laughing!’ – Per Lindstrøm; ‘And he never, ever gives up’ – Tom Lofstedt; ‘No finer ambassador exists in sailing’ – Bob Sharkey; ‘It has been an honour to know you, friend, though you’re very dangerous to ski with!’ – Andy Steiner.