2006 APRIL

Reichel & Pugh (USA/GBR)

Not prolific IOR designers, a few boats popped out of San Diego, Abracadabra for example – world-conquering ‘50’. Hated the IMS, so worked away at sleds and the like, always designing pretty boats, usually they went pretty well too. Supermaxis and canting keels and the brakes came off, Reichel-Pugh dominating the biggest classes for several years now. Oats’s Hobart success was icing on the cake
Why they won
Damn, it’s hard to beat those Americans at this game, especially when one of them is a Pom (albeit one who is extremely happy with his life in San Diego!). No doubt the travails of many of the current Volvo 70 fleet have added recognition to the success and also the reliability that Reichel-Pugh have enjoyed with three-generations of large canting keel designs. (And Seahorse has an old-fashioned soft spot for designers who turn out consistently sweet-looking yachts.)

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