September 2016


Bruised pride vs worldwide benefit
A unified offshore rule is now well within reach if the egos can only be set aside – ROB WEILAND

The one great yachting improvement – Part 1
A truce between Cup contenders? JOHN ROUSMANIERE on the birth of the Marconi rig

Nowhere to hide
Why Rio presents a particular challenge for the obvious favourites. ANDY RICE

Twin debuts
The arrival of the ClubSwan50 is accompanied by the launch of an accessible high-tech rigging system

Look at the numbers and an electrical powertrain starts to make increasingly good sense for raceboats as much as for racer-cruisers

Expect the dramatic new Melges 40 to become a genuine market disrupter. ADOLFO CARRAU

Creating (and living) the dream
Soaking up lessons from the Ultim fleet the best performance cats are becoming ever more racy

The Vendée Globe was a liberation
Not long to go to the 2016 edition… JOCELYN BLERIOT sits down with the winner of the very first Vendée Globe, TITOUAN LAMAZOU

The other side of the coin
COLMAN COLMAN will be racing this year’s Vendée Globe but not on a mega budget. The ‘other’ story makes for an interesting read


Burning bright
One Ton Cup

Laser Youth Worlds

Quantum Key West

Just keeps getting better
Peter Holmberg’s Caribbean winter invite

Never average
Kiel Week 2016


Commodore’s letter


Reluctant Bermuda racers, ORC Europeans’ shenanigans, AC test boats… more interesting than the real thing? Plus the price of lost nationality. JACK GRIFFIN, PETER BECKER, TERRY HUTCHINSON, ERIC AHRENS, MATTEO POLLI, ANDREW MCDOUGALL

World news
The unbelievable FRANCOIS GABART, thank you Wicklow, Figaro brilliance, technical Kiwis, taking on the Poms, serious (offshore) questions. IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard
Stop the carping and get out your checkbook

World Sailing
A moving day out. RICHARD ASPLAND

IRC column
Transparency can mean many different things. JAMES DADD

Design – New direction
JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN gets under the skin of that mysterious Nautor DNA

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – Lock up your daughters
Foiling cruiser-racers just got bigger (and faster)

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
A pioneer and a brilliant supporter of sailing