September 2022


Less boat more foil

Race assist?
ROB WEILAND suggests we should be acting much faster to get ahead of the AI elephant

Tipping point – Part I
When an unknown, light but dramatically agile sailor named JOHN BERTRAND won his first Laser world title people looked up. When he won the Finn Gold Cup weighing little more than before… finally everything changed. KIMBALL LIVINGSTON

Prepared to look stupid – Part II
SEAN LANGMAN meets the noisy youth of Sydney… then he ships them south to Hobart. BLUE ROBINSON

Feeling pretty good
ØYVIND BORDAL always knew that out there somewhere there must be a better solution…

Parachuted in – Part II
Douglas Dixon DSO RN goes to war… again. CLARE MCCOMB


Creative intuition

Start at 30 per cent

An elite heritage

Target 2030


Light in every sense
What happened when top Superyacht designer MALCOLM MCKEON and master boatbuilders MCCONAGHY BOATS put their heads together


Commodore’s letter


(Yet) another big win for our tame designer DAVE HOLLOM, nothing but AC40s for a while, unless you are Alinghi Red Bull (no, we don’t believe that price tag), the perfect 600-miler… and sorting out photographer JAMES BURTON’s little problem

World News
It’s tightening up at the front of the Classe Ultim, but FRANÇOIS GABART’S still stuck in court, JEREMIE’s skinny new Charal 2, the big Breton switcheroo, even 60 years ago the Kiwis were showing us the way, JUAN K’s biggest (Swan) yet. Plus back in action on the lakes. CARLOS PICH, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS, FRANCK CAMMAS, CHARLES CAUDRELIER, LEONARDO FERRAGAMO

ORC – Challenging the algorithms
The airborne 60 Flying Nikka is a handicapper’s challenge which ANDY CLAUGHTON was never going to walk away from

IMA – Tarte Tropézienne
Farewell scaremongers, hello St Tropez. ANDREW MCIRVINE

Seahorse build table – Clear intent
UMBERTO FELCI always knew what he wanted

RORC – Flattening the curve

Reality check
And, yeah, the floodgates they would open

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Race creator vs a sparkling (young) race winner