September 2020


Heaven on earth

Overstepping the mark
ANDREW MCCIRVINE is not impressed when the sport’s governing body tries to stop owners enjoying their boats; and scares race organisers

It all started with the little Ragtime… CAROL CRONIN sits down with J/Boats founder ROD JOHNSTONE

Knife, gunfight
The new Bieker Moth is a thing of beauty; this we know already. And now we know it’s fast, too. PAUL BIEKER, LEOPOLD FRICKE and THOMAS HAHN

Seeds of battle
Back in the old days people really did fall out properly… then say what they thought without fear of the Twitter undead. So when UFFA FOX appeared on the yachting scene almost 100 years ago the establishment was ready to be rocked, especially his design rival FRANK MORGAN GILES. CLAIRE MCCOMB picks up the story

Setting the record – Part III
BRUCE FARR in the ascendant, the golden years of IAIN MURRAY and Color 7, the pure speed of DAVE PORTER and the first glimpses of a BETHWAITE tornado… FRANK QUEALEY



Ultimate product

Beautifully simple

Nature’s genius

Perfect label

Don’t jump to conclusions

Blend of all the talents


Commodore’s letter


Racing the AC75s, why wand controls are old hat and the forgotten brilliance of JOHN GILL and WALT WALTERS, racing through the Battle of Jutland and an Italian Volvo Race veteran trying hard to make a (sensible) difference. CHARLES LAWRENCE, JACK GRIFFIN, FRANCESCO BERTONE, GIULIANO LUZZATTO, TERRY HUTCHINSON, FRANCESCA CLAPCICH

World news
A nail-biting finish promises an ‘interesting’ solo round-the-world lap (but life onboard is getting ridiculously hard), scary fast L’Occitane, Class40s around again, successful first flight in Kiwi land, from skiffs to Newport to Freo (before bumping into DENNIS). Plus where now for the US college sailing scene?PATRICE CARPENTIER, IAIN MURRAY, ARMEL TRIPON, DOBBS DAVIS, THOMAS RUYANT, SAM DAVIES, BIANCA COOK, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, MITCH BRINDLEY

IRC – The more is not always the merrier
Trust is at a premium when you mix a virus with a Maxi world championship. JAMES DADD

RORC news – Still sad
But might the Caribbean perhaps now beckon? EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse build table – French touch
German skipper JOËRG RIECHERS is preparing to take on the French (with the help of the French)

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
No racing? That’s certainly news for some