September 2019



Still captivating…
What makes a successful class? ROB WEILAND

Interesting times
HUGH WELBOURN looks on as rating systems try to keep pace during some fast-moving times

Nothing new
CHARLES LAWRENCE goes back to where what we call ‘composite boatbuilding’ really all started

Unstoppable force
BRIAN HANCOCK has accepted the inevitable as the last great solo race departs from British shores

Days, weeks, months…
JO RICHARDS spent a while winning the 2019 Round the Island UK classic but – as per usual – getting to the startline was more than half the fun

Airborne (and accessible)
The demise of the long-running Extreme Sailing Series is doing the expanding GC32 Racing Tour no harm at all. CHRISTIAN SCHERRER

Time to revisit
As the big-catamaran offerings proliferate, are out-of-date preconceptions holding back similar growth with three hulls? MARC LOMBARD

Under the sun…
With another America’s Cup class reset have we nailed down the history books or might we be missing more useful clues? DAVE HOLLOM

What’s not to like?
Do your Caribbean planning Seahorse-style


Fresh start

Quality always sells

All bases covered

Perfect match

New player?

Excellence for all

Bold step


Commodore’s letter


Why is there still one critical danger to the sport that people refuse to talk about? New Cup class means big sail burn, reflections on a year spent Solitaire and good, bad or irrelevant… another thin cycle for America’s Cup teams. PETER HEPPEL, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, WILL HARRIS

World news
La Grande Route… one of several new temptations seemingly on offer, metal fatigue never sleeps, fattening up (a little) for Tokyo 2020 and Block Island deals a blow to the naysayers. WILL RYAN, CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard – Multi-tasking
Is there no limit to the man’s ambitions

RORC news – Fast and slow

Seahorse build table – Top man top result
Multiple Volvo Race winner STU BANNATYNE gets stuck into another big DSS project

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Peerless champion or enthusiast par excellence?