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The German shipyard YYachts launches a rather different new project together with Cossutti Yacht Design – the 23-metre long daysailer Y75... Inspired by

YYachts presents a solution to challenges faced by the sailing yacht industry – the Y Breeze 75 daysailer. This innovative vessel combines the elegance of a sailing yacht with the convenience of a powerboat. Its key features include sporty performance, a luxurious interior, advanced technology and sharing possibilities. A wide range of customisable options ensure a unique sailing experience.

Inspired by motor yacht designs, the hinged aft quarters of the Y Breeze 75 can fold down flush with the main deck sole

YYachts carefully selected the name Breeze for this exceptional boat to emphasise that it goes beyond being just a new model. Instead, it represents a new concept that revolutionises how people experience and connect with the sea.

The naval architecture and the exterior design are made in collaboration with Cossutti Yacht Design. The YB75 is claimed to be the first sailing yacht with fold-down bulwarks to create a large aft deck to increase comfort at anchor. The exterior impresses with clean lines and gives the YB75 a sporty character. Michael Schmidt, founder of YYachts, says: ‘YB75 is a yacht that is simply meant to be fun under sail and at anchor - we designed her so that our customers can simply concentrate on their leisure time.’

The YB75 has a three-cabin, three-heads interior styled by Wendover Studio

Developed in collaboration with Wendover Studio, the interior style is designed to guarantee an inviting, practical and elegant atmosphere. Materials are appropriately used, carefully detailed and coordinated to represent today’s luxury style. People expect to feel at home of course, so the style can be customised following clients’ preferences. Co-founder of the studio is Gabriel Chipperfield, no less than the son of star architect David Chipperfield who was responsible for the interior of the very first YYacht.

Racing with small crew
The stern platform of the YB75 folds out, making access to the water much easier than on many yachts. To enjoy the cockpit, the YB75 offers a galley coming up from the deck. It’s equipped with a sink, two fridges (one for drinks/one for food) and a barbecue grill. The entire deck is designed as a safe walkaround, with no steps in between. In order to be able to head for shallower anchorages, the telescopic keel can reduce the draught to 2.5m. Fenders are deployed via a special system and stowed on board to save space.

A large stern platform for boarding and bathing, high cockpit coamings and twin helms set amidships to leave the aft deck clear

On the lower deck there will be a flexible layout with a saloon and different configurations for the guest cabin (daybed, two single beds or one double). A playroom for kids can also be installed. To enjoy the Mediterranean summer, the YB75 offers different options of sunbeds: stand-alone sunbeds or a box with built-in gimbaled sunbeds.

A good handicap makes the YB75 interesting for racing with a small crew (max six) and water ballast ensures high stability (big sailplan for performance). The naval architect considered the major wind configuration in the most popular Mediterranean areas – the rating, in comparison with other boats looks very favourable. The YB75 is also extremely easy to sail. There are pushbuttons for the mainsail and self-tacking jib and furlers for code zero and gennaker.

Cossutti explains…

The design of the YBreeze 75 is truly unique. In her simplicity we've managed to incorporate a complete walk-around deck, a “hidden” coachroof, a social area with sofa and dining table and a huge lounge area with a beach club at the stern.

The style of the boat is defined by the port and starboard sheer lines that run all along the hull and meet at the stem, which is neither vertical nor reverse, it is just the arched Y-Yachts style.

A hidden bar and galley unit pops up from the cockpit sole at the touch of a button

The nature of the bulwark makes it possible to integrate two folding terraces which, together with the bathing platform, create a unique access to the sea, all surrounded by couches and sunbeds to enjoy the sea. Thanks to the generous toy garage it is possible to enjoy the sea from every perspective with space for a jet-ski, SeaBobs, paddleboards and lots of other equipment to support every passion.

The spatial equations between the exterior and interior spaces have been redefined to enhance life on deck, making her the best place to enjoy Mediterranean living. The central cockpit galley creates the right atmosphere to bring people together and have fun at sunset.

On the other hand the interiors, designed by Wendover's partners, can fit every need. The boat has a three-cabin and three-heads layout with a galley and saloon, plus the option of a multi-purpose children's playroom and crew cabin.

We have studied the weather conditions of the main sailing events in the Mediterranean over the past year and have tailored the hull lines for medium to low wind speeds, resulting in a hull shape with a low wetted area and narrow width, which contributes to the overall slenderness of the design.

The boat has been designed to be easy to sail, even with a reduced crew. She offers a basic sail package consisting of square-top main, large self-tacking jib and code zero, to which a gennaker can be also added if needed for race purposes. All sail control lines are led to the pit winches, which are easy to operate without disturbing the guests on board. The lifting keel, together with the double rudder, is the perfect equipment to reach almost any place without losing the pleasure of a real sailing session, but it is also possible to choose a fixed, high-performance 4.2m keel. All in all, we think that the YB75 fits perfectly into the YYachts motto: look good, sail easy!

Ocean friendly construction
The shipyard’s carbon footprint is constantly being reduced. YYachts reviews all processes in order to produce boats as climate-neutrally as possible. For the YB75, they only use wood and panels that interior outfitters of larger mega yachts provide as surplus. For the construction of the yacht, the shipyard will use sustainable epoxy and numerous eco-friendly products and materials. The hull will be laminated in a female mould to achieve the shape defined by the naval architect and reduce to a minimum the fairing and the related additional weight. To achieve a maximum strength/light displacement ratio, the hull is made in a sandwich construction with Corecell M foam. The hull outer and inner skin and the inner structure will be built exclusively in carbon for maximum stiffness and weight saving. The fibres will be impregnated with a high-performance epoxy laminating system and post-cured at a high temperature to exploit the fibre properties to the maximum. All bulkheads and internal structures are made in carbon/ epoxy sandwich, vacuum consolidated. The epoxy is sustainable and fire resistant. For more strength and better load distribution there are additional carbon fibre reinforcements around doors, cutouts and cable penetrations.

Cossutti’s first design for YYachts has a fine entry with an arched bow profile, jib and code furlers on the stemhead, broad aft quarters and bulwarks all round at the same height as the coachroof

Always available
All YBreeze 75s will be delivered in sailing spots in Spain, France and Italy with a dedicated captain. Owners can also share the boat in this area and, using an app, they can book it. This feature, included in the price, will allow owners to always find the boat ready before their arrival. The sharing service can also be arranged on demand via the YYachts organisation.

Michael Schmidt says: ‘My credo has always been to reduce yachts to what is necessary without neglecting comfort. With the Y75, we have now developed a concept that even aligns the use of the yacht with this principle. This will also appeal to younger customers who are growing up with the sharing economy.‘

Technical Data

(approximate measurements)
Length overall 22,86 m
Beam 5,6m
Draught (standard, fixed keel) 4,2m
Draught (optional, fixed keel) 3,5 m
Draught (optional, telescopic keel) 4m to 2.5m
Displacement 26.5 tonnes
Water ballast (optional) 1 tonne on each side
Propulsion 1x NANNI 120hp (80kW)
Hotel batteries 24 V DC, 800Ah
Mainsail 190 sqm
Jib 125 sqm
Gennaker 460 sqm
Code zero 240 sqm
Naval architect Cossutti Yacht Design and YYachts
Exterior design Cossutti Yacht Design, YYachts Design Studio
Interior design Studio Wendover – Gabriel Chipperfield, YYachts Design Studio
Shipyard YYachts/MS Yachtbau

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