October 2021


Back in the day

Five hundred not out
BLUE ROBINSON shares a little of the magi

Reaching through history
It takes quite a lot to get ROB WEILAND excited about any new yacht race… but this one is unusually special

Just the nine lives?
Spend long enough on the ocean and eventually you will encounter a rather special NIGEL IRENS-designed catamaran… one that is now well into its 38th ‘season’. NIC COMPTON

The sum of the parts
ANDREW MCDOUGALL gave us the first and since then the majority of competitive production built Moth foilers; now he has a new one. ‘Amac’ has also helped hundreds of more impecunious sailors share the foiling life. BLUE ROBINSON

Setting the standard
Whitbread and AC racer DAWN RILEY is truly indefatigable… as CAROL CRONIN finds out

ANDY RICE was in Enoshima where he got to watch the unforgettable ‘Four Medal Race Day’

We’re back!!!
Thanks to incredible perseverance and hard work this winter we are going to have a proper Caribbean racing season. CAROL BAREUTHER


Blue water super cruiser
ROLF VROLIJK, JOHAN SIEFER, ELISABET HOLM AND KIERAN FLATT tell the story behind Vrolijk and Baltic’s latest superyacht, Path


The blink of an eye

Outrider no more

All in a day’s work

Tested formula (spectacular) new solution

On the money


Commodore’s letter


First words, a rough start, back to Archimedes, brokerage hindsight, follow that (Cup) money, half a million sea-miles and the final freedom. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, HALVARD MABIRE, ØYVIND BJORDAL

World news
Travels through times and designs in southern California, old faces big impact, upwind or down… that typical old Transpac dilemma, knots for the dollar. Also Vendée Globe bangfor- the-euro, Class40s, Imocas, Mini 6.50s all going nuts, PR games in Auckland… and peace at last for BELCHER AND RYAN. PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, VICTOR KOVALENKO, GRANT DALTON, MICHAEL BLACKBURN, IAN LIPINSKI, YANNICK BESTAVEN… Plus some nice final words from PATRICK TEARNAN in Tokyo

Rod Davis – Bad taste
There’s little appetite in evidence outside the gates of Team New Zealand for the possibility of the America’s Cup defence being sold off overseas

ORC – Notes from a regatta
An interesting new design from MATTEO POLLI and a tidy win for fellow designer MARK MILLS

RORC – Falling close to the tree

Seahorse build table – (Genuinely) fit for purpose
And PAUL BIEKER’s got us another one

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Where did we say that we’d make it easy for you?