The impossible journey

We pushed pretty hard but Richard Jenkins would not put pen to paper until Saildrone SD2020 was safely back in the same New Zealand port she left 196 days and a successful lap of Antarctica earlier. A few days later another Saildrone, SD1021, arrived in Lymington after a trouble-free crossing from Bermuda. Satellites and weather buoys are so last year

In 1522 a ship called Victoria, one of three ships from Magellan’s famous voyage, became the first manned object to circumnavigate the globe. In 2012, approaching 500 years since that historic accomplishment, I wondered if it was now possible to navigate an unmanned object, a robot, around the planet? It was this thought that led me to design and make the first Saildrone, an unmanned, wind-powered surface vehicle capable of very long-duration missions.

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