There are no coincidences – Part II

After she had spent 74 years lying on the seabed in view of his home, Bo Eriksson is into the hard yards of returning his beautiful 1901 Gunnar Mellgren design Ester to race condition while keeping her heart and soul intact… Dan Houston reports

At last year’s Fife regatta on the Clyde there was a rare event. I know, I know; you’re going: ‘How rare is rare? The Fife regatta itself is “rare” – it only happens every five years and before last year there hadn’t been one since 2013.’ And, yes, you also have to have a boat, a Fife design, that’s probably going to be at least 100 years old, and sail her or trail her all the way to Scotland… for a week. But classic sailors are crazy: they’d crawl naked across a boatyard, dragging a bag of spanners attached to their nuts with piano wire just to sniff each other’s varnish. And come to think of it (I don’t), maybe it is just the men…

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