November 2021



Cause for celebration
Following straight on from a successful start to the TP52 Super Series for the lucky (quite a) few it was then off to Porto Cervo… ROB WEILAND

And a closer look at how you keep an ‘older’ production racer at the top of the IRC pile. ANTOINE CARDIN

Many ways (to skin a cat)
PATRICE CARPENTIER speaks with Multiplast’s YANN PENFORNIS to find out more about the company’s substantial investment in the increasingly fast-moving field of commercial wing-power

ANDY RICE left Enoshima less bothered about the perennial debate around Olympic classes than with the scope for some radical format changes

There’s no other word that better sums up UFFA FOX – a nautical polymath who changed the face of sailing design not once but several times over. JULIAN EVERITT discovers what he had missed

La crème de la crème
Still a long way from commercial sustainability but there is no doubt that RUSSELL COUTTS’S SailGP series is gaining traction. ROB KOTHE


Why wait?

Glorious progression

Don’t treat with care

Nail-biting anticipation

Stiffer, lighter, faster


Commodore’s letter


The America’s Cup and why nothing (ever) really changes; stepping away never makes life easier, remembering Tim Colman… the man who really started it all, a poignant and dangerous welcome home, could this be an offshore game-changer… and why many great sailors never really grow old. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, PAUL LARSEN, ADRIAN MORGAN, FITZ…

World news
Class40… the Laser story all over again? Plus ‘les’ modern cockleshell heroes, not a ‘Fastnet Mal’ nor a ‘Fastnet Magnifique’, do some very nasty (getting nastier by the day) goings-on in New Zealand mean that we now all end up in the Middle East after all, the beauty of a return to serious racing, gold medal humility, US match racing… on the way back? BLUE ROBINSON, IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, NACHO POSTIGO, CARLOS PICH, VICTOR KOVALENKO, VINCENT LAURIOT-PREVOST, GRANT DALTON

Paul Cayard – Eminently achievable
There’s no silver bullet – nor is there any good reason why USA cannot make it back to the top

IMA – The green-eyed monster
The Maxi fleet could not wait to get racing again but it was not long before the politics of envy reasserted themselves. ANDREW MCIRVINE

RORC – Even better to come

Seahorse build table – Quiet success
… and, yes, in this field we are 100 per cent biased

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Either will be among our most popular winners