November 2019


‘Long life’

A little stress helps
But how much is a little? ROB WEILAND

Find me in the boat park
CARLOS PICH talks to GERARDO SEELIGER about what is right and wrong with the organisation he wants to lead

TOM PRICE of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis now turns his attention to some of the least stable sailboats ever put afloat

JULIAN EVERITT begins a journey through the evolution of modern yacht design with a look at the prolific career of RON HOLLAND – a story in which this publication played its modest part

Changing of the guard?
ANDY RICE watched as Enoshima Bay put on a rough display for Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopefuls

Access all areas
You don’t have to work for a major international sailmaker to get your hands on some good design tools… DAVID GROSS and YANN ROUX

You can take away the bathrooms
Magic Carpet3 skipper DANNY GALLICHAN tells BLUE ROBINSON how the Reichel/Pugh WallyCento ended up with the stiffest rig of all


One hell of a team

Heart of the system

Better now…

Stylish (or what)

Standing it up

Veni, vidi…

The big boys

Bang (and knots)

Bolt on speed


Commodore’s letter


The America’s Cup’s then and now… it’s really not so very different, putting it right after Dorian, up off the canvas and around the Horn, putting on the AC75 wings at last. TERRY HUTCHINSON, JACK GRIFFIN, GIANCARLO PEDOTE, GIULIANO LUZZATTO, DOBBS DAVIS

World news
Overwhelmed by foilers, then washed away by Imocas, is this the slickest raceboat ever to go afloat… pacing it in Palma, hamming it up in Hamo (really! ed), the pipeline was looking good… And firming up the US bridgehead in round-the-world racing. CARLOS PICH, GUILLERMO PARADA, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, CHARLIE ENRIGHT, LEANDRO SPINA, CAROL CRONIN

Paul Cayard – Asked and answered
Things change fast in Cup world

IRC – Winning ways
The CV of Juan Kouyoumdjian’s Volvo winner Groupama 4 gets better with every change of name as those big trophies just keep rollin’ in. CHARLIE ENRIGHT

Maxi – the biggest and the best
Another successful show in Porto Cervo but there’s always room for improvement. ANDREW MCIRVINE

RORC news – Looking to the future

Seahorse build table – Tempted?
WIZ DEAS’S very special and very fast pocket trimaran is also in search of a fast new home…

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
And finally we embrace the future (grrr… ed)