Pedalling fast

Limited scope for lots of design development in America’s Cup 35… definitely not so, says BAR technical director Andy Claughton

The first round of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in July was also the first real America’s Cup racing in two years. There was a good deal of pentup competitiveness among teams, keen to start establishing a new pecking order.

This is not before time: we need to know what racing foiling boats feel like and there is less than 18 months to go before the launch of our America’s Cup boat. In our technical group the focus is on turning bright ideas into concepts that we can leverage into better performance.

The World Series racing was also an opportunity for our technical partners to get a look at real boats in real races.

It’s fair to say that this was an eyeopener. After months of looking at drawings, CAD renderings, simulations and videos they were able to watch first-hand as professional crews raced these hydrofoiling wing-sailed catamarans. I think the overwhelming impression was surprise at the apparent randomness of the racing.

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