May 2023


I make it eight?

Admiral’s Cup!!
At last the manager of the Dutch team that won the last ‘real’ Admiral’s Cup, ROB WEILAND, believes that this time it is going to happen…

Green and greener?
When it comes to sustainability initiatives it is time that the focus was on the elephants rather than on the rabbits MANUEL FLUCK

Enfant terrible
JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN never disappoints when it comes to sharing outspoken views supported by clear unarguable logic. CARLOS PICH

A life on the ocean wave – Part II
WILL OXLEY tells BLUE ROBINSON how you safely survive racing onboard the most powerful generation of ocean racers the world has ever seen


All about the articulation

The finest china

Blend to taste

Confluence of excellence

Serious business

Making life easy


Commodore’s letter


Cup uncertainties, deliberate or not? Time to start the day job in Pensacola, some of the best yachting just slipped through our fingers, home from home for the deplorables and ‘just the Cup’. Plus a good man with a clock. FRANCESCO BRUNI, ALAIN JOULLIE, JACK GRIFFIN, ALAN GREEN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, CRESSIDA ROBSON

World News
GROUPE FINOT are back and certainly not following the herd, YOANN RICHOMME knows just what he wants, as does DAMIEN SEGUIN, King of Miami… GBR’s other Finn legend, lots of sailing time (and driftwood) in New Zealand… a dose of brutal honesty from SIR BEN AINSLIE and old skills at the heart of new tech. ED WRIGHT, IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, MAGNUS WHEATLEY

Paul Cayard – Life
A time of change and a time for reflection

ORC – Steady as we go
Let’s try this with a real live example ANDY CLAUGHTON

TP52 SuperSeries - Back to the millimetres
2023… and perhaps a time for youth

RORC – The likes of whom
SYD FISCHER and PETER BOWKER. Two true giants of ocean racing, now they are both gone

Seahorse build table – How did it begin (again)
It began with ‘my perfect boat’, but the perfect boat became rather popular. Now Dutch wizard GERARD DIJKSTRA is trying it all over again…

Seahorse regatta calendar

Australian newcomer…

Sailor of the Month
Brilliantly fast and brilliantly reliable… or both