Planting the seed

Slotting nicely in between the Maxi72s and the less nimble 100-footers, the Botín Partners designed, King Marine-built 85ft Deep Blue has drawn the attention of other owners seen snooping around her cradle. Might the first racing Maxi for several years prompt more interest in a size range that 25 years ago produced some of the most spectacular racing ever seen? Jocelyn Blériot

Deep Blue was commissioned by and built for American philanthropist Wendy Schmidt, co-founder of 11th Hour Racing, an inter - national organisation that harnesses the power of sport to advance innovative solutions for ocean health. A well-known figure on the Maxi and classic circuits for over 10 years, Schmidt had a vision for a new large yacht that would combine optimum performance with a heightened, more responsive racing experience – and she assembled a diverse but hugely experienced team to deliver what she wanted. In particular she wanted a boat more challenging than her current Swan 80, built in 2000, but by commissioning Deep Blue she may also have opened a new opportunity for the Maxi class.

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